Gallery of Shows

This archive highlights some of our favorite shows! Click on any photo to see the show’s full gallery.

The Little Pine Tree

On a starry winter’s eve we shared in the adventures of the little pine tree. Yearning to be as beautiful as trees with leaves, his wishes were granted… Leaves of jewels, of glass, of gold… and he discovers that it is not so bad to be oneself. 2008

The Minstrel’s Journey

The Adult Social Group at Autism Connections worked for a year crafting marionettes and writing an original adventure and love filled fairy tale, The Minstrel’s Journey. The first of three performances took place at the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, MA. 2017

Rufusi Reneker

A jolly time was shared by all on a bleak winter’s eve as we followed the antics of Rufusi Reneker, the vain fox who, after meeting in counsel with All-wise the Dwarf,  finds his humble heart. 2007

Cordita and the Three Little Men

When on a bitter winter’s night kind Cordita discovers three little men frozen in a block of ice, her life takes an unanticipated turn…. 2012

The Star Money

A humble poor girl who owns nothing but the rags on her back and a few scraps of bread gives away all she had to those in need, and through her service finds herself endowed with deeper riches beyond her dreams… 2009

The Teddy Bear, AA Milne

In an evening of homeschool presentations, our young friend enacted the entirety of AA Milne’s The Teddy Bear. 2013   “A bear, however hard he tries, Grows tubby without exercise…”

Why Bear Sleeps in a Cave

Bear is full of bravado, believing himself to be the fastest, strongest and most powerful animal in the forest. The council of animals have a contest, and bear discovers that while he may be those things, he is certainly not the most clever. 2010

The Goldfish

A tiny silver fish living in the vast ocean is overwhelmed with love for the golden moon-fish in the sky. King Neptune takes compassion on this little swimmer, and finds him a joyous life on the hearth in a bowl, and slips in a tiny golden fish, and all is well. 2011

The Knight Who Brought the Light

Darkness has overshadowed the goodness in the world. Theophilus the Knight journeys across the deserts and oceans in search of a flame that can kindle light in the hearts of men. 2014

The Thought Lion

Lovely Annika cannot possibly do the three unreasonable tasks the mean old troll has commanded her to do. In her desperation she calls out for help, and the Thought Lion answers her prayers… 2010

The Passover Story

The story of the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt. We begin with baby Moses traveling down the Nile, meet the burning bush, witness the plagues, and end with the Jewish people leaving Egypt behind. 2017

Big Bear and Little Cub

Big Bear and Little Cub have slept all winter long. They awaken and Little Cub is, “So very hungry!” The berries are not yet on the bush, so they visit the village looking for food. What a surprise to see Big Bear and Little Cub in the village! 2019

The Carrot that Wouldn’t Budge

The days had become chilly and Hadyn wanted a carrot to make a warm autumn soup. But when he went to pull the carrot, it would not budge! He called on his friends to help, but the root gnome was pulling back…

The Berkshire Museum Festival of Trees

The Autism Connections Adult Social Group puppetry troupe along with Little Puppet Studio decorated a tree for the Berkshire Museum’s Festival of Trees. The tree came to life with the marionettes garlanding the branches! 2018