Hineni~ Facing the Burning Bush ~ A Reflection in Three Parts

While musing on the story of the burning bush, three scenes emerge:
~ Moses tends the flock of his father-in-law Jethro, when before him appears a bush that burns, but is not consumed…
~ A farmer surveys his fields to the melody of November: Golden light is turning grey, mists begin to rule to day… deep below, deep below, new life will spring!
~ Images from John O’Donahue’s poem Blessings for A Friend on the Arrival of Illness

The Goldfish

A tiny silver fish living in the vast ocean is overwhelmed with love for the golden moon-fish in the sky. King Neptune takes compassion on this little swimmer, and finds him a joyous life on the hearth in a bowl, in the care of a fisherman’s daughters. King Neptune slips in a tiny golden fish, and all is well.

The Little Pine Tree

On a starry winter’s eve, we shared in the adventures of the little pine tree, who yearning to be as beautiful as the trees with leaves, had his wishes were granted… After the raven steals his jewels, the West Wind shatters his leaves of glass, and the peddler steals his leaves of gold… he asks to be himself, and awakens the King of the Forest, giving rather than receiving.